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Thanks for letting me chat with your class tonight. Lots of great questions. I’m sorry I was under the weather and unable to stay long. If you have further questions, please send me a comment below. Also, it would be a great help is you share with me resources or approaches that have or have not worked for you in trying to build an online PLN (Personal Learning Network).  Since I do professional development for my district and conference presentations, this will help me offer good advice to my audience. Below are some of the resources for online networks that I mentioned, and some new ones:

Moving Forward list of education blogs

Support Blogging list

Twitter for Teachers list

Plurk for Teachers (Plurk is like twitter, a 140 character microblog, but the comments are “threaded”)

Classrom 2.0 Social Network (this one is really big, so pick a group to join)

Ed Tech Talk You can listen to podcasts on ed tech topics, and if you listen life, chat with others about the show (I forgot to mention, I have show here called It’s Elementary).

Edutopia groups BIG miss not mentioning this one. I moderate a forum on classroom management here, but there are others on project-based learning, etc. It’s more about pedagogy and less about technology.

Instructify is part of LEARN-NC out of UNC-Chapel Hill and is a great resource blog. I used to work for them as a free-lancer.

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