As the EETT ARRA Funding Turns…


I know, another episode, and still reason is being overrun by, I’m not quite sure what, but your help is needed. Here is how things stand…

  1. The Assembly Subcommittee #2 on school finance will have a hearing next Tuesday, April 27 on the matter. At the pre-hearing meeting yesterday, members still seemed to feel they had discretion about how the funds would be spent, and were asking for options from CDE, who were trying explain that it needed to be allocated as directed, with half going to formula grants based on Title One levels, and half on competitive grants;
  2. A State Sentate budget committee is due to have a hearing on Thursday, April 29th.
  3. I will be at both hearings.

Call up the offices of legislators here, and tell them to do the right, AND legal thing, by releasing the money for the CDE to distribute to districts/LEAs as specified by statue.

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