Vaccination and the Commons


The following was a speech I planned to deliver at last month’s CTA State Council in regards to State Senator Dr. Richard Pan’s SB 277 . Due to personal difficulties, I was unable to attend, but I wanted to share it as CTA has not yet taken a position on this issue:

I have a personal stake in this, but what I’m going to say is informed by what medical professionals and public health experts have to say. It is my assertion that the PBE for immunizations needs to be eliminated. While I’m loathe to impose on parents, this is a larger issue than individual beliefs and has now become a public safety issue. I wish that talking and reasoning would make a difference, as this would be a preferable way to go, but based on what we already seeing, and what human behavior studies tell us, this will not resolve this issue.

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What’s a teacher to do?




For those not wasting their hours of Spring Break on the Internets, the state of New York just took a torpedo to teacher permanency/tenure. Peter Greene has the most heartfelt post on how this went down, but it’s all over the place. Read the rest of this entry »

Thank you for your support


thank you note for every language
It is with great joy and optimism that I share that I have won election to the position of Board Secretary in my local, Sacramento City Teachers Association, and re-election as representative to the State Council of the California Teachers Association. I look forward to continuing to serve my fellow education professionals. Read the rest of this entry »

Avoiding a repeat of Pineapple-gate


A letter from a New Jersey Superintendent started making the rounds on Friday. The letter included the following:

  • An alert by the state department of education, late at night, that there had been a “test security” breach.
  • An inaccurate allegation by the state official that a picture of a test question had been posted on Twitter by the student.
  • A request that that the student be disciplined (suspended).
  • This involved input from the test publisher, Pearson.

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Threat escalation and whitewashing as silencers


Being a little older (and wiser) I sometimes think back to those days after 9-11, and before we invaded Iraq, and the stories that were told about the threat that was posed by Saddam, the axis of evil, etc., etc. With hindsight it’s easy to say, “What the heck!?!”

I’ve been having my own WTH moments lately on social media, so I thought I’d glue it all together in a single post. Hope it turns out better than this:

No More Sake

Please beware that the language at some of these links is not family or work friendly…

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