Bang, bang…


Due to the season and  a number of events in my personal life, I’m not in a happy place. Recent events have not made things better. For a couple of reasons the most recent shooting in San Bernardino hits close to home. It took place at a Regional Center, which is how services for the developmentally delayed and handicapped are provided by the state of California. My son has used their services, and although we’ve rarely gone to the actually center in recent years, the social work staff there have taken excellent care of him, and hearing that bullets were flying in a place like that is unnerving to say the least. 
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Classroom Update #3 for 2015: Math, math, math


3 is the magic number

I could share an earful about the return of benchmark testing (which was on hiatus with the switch-over to the SBAC) and how it’s making a mockery of recent calls by the President to limit testing, but I’d rather talk about my classroom and what’s going on. I’m going to focus on mathematics, and a particular aspect of my instructional practice that’s working, and what needs improvement.
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Veterans Day 2015


I had to explain Veterans Day to my students. Not the part about honoring veterans. There are a large number of military families in our neighborhood, and our former principal was a Marine, so we’ve had annual assemblies at the school. They know what a veteran is, what they didn’t get was why was it in the middle of the week, and why did it move around? So I explained to them, and told them about my father-in-law to show the story. Explaining history is always better with a story and even better with a personal story. Read the rest of this entry »

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition…


As we ramp up to a Presidential election year, articles are coming out looking at the long term viability of the major political parties. As many know, our country has been undergoing a demographic change. We’ve seen this in the outcome of the last two presidential elections, where the last one ended with Republicans having the rug pulled out from under them when a whole lot of infrequent, newly registered, and largely minority voters, turned up to an election where they were not expected. At least not by the GOP. This trend to more minorities and minority voters is only increasing.

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New Blog


I’m doing a blog to reflect on issues around care giving. It can be found here:

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