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Reflections on the Year in Lab


@whatedsaid Edna Sackson: My best tip for new year would be to focus on how students learn rather than how you teach. It changed things for me completely #elemchat I’ve held off doing a final “Week in Lab” post because I just couldn’t figure out how to put into words what had gone wrong this [...]

Week in Lab: Planning for 2011-12


I’ll get to a regular week in lab post, I promise, but I’ve been trying to do some thinking time about the next school year. I do that about this time each year as I try to work out what I need to do more, do better, and try that is new. The next school [...]

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SCUSD Budget Meeting on Thursday


From SCTA President Linda Tuttle MARCH 3 SCHOOL BOARD MEETING 6:30 pmĀ  Serna Center This is a call for solidarity and to defend public education in this district! The School Board will be voting on a resolution to cut up to 350 positions in the SCTA unit. The decision will increase class sizes beyond the [...]

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Howdy! I teach sixth grade at an elementary school in Sacramento, CA. I started my career in Oakland, Ca, and moved here to Sacramento in 2001.

My goals are:

  1. To reflect on how I am teaching, and how effective my practices are;
  2. To reflect on my profession, and how effective various practices are;
  3. To understand the political and cultural context that we teach in; and,
  4. To network with other like-minded educators.

To help me reach my goals, I use this blog as a place for me to reflect on best practices, and the practices I’m (trying to) putting in place in my classroom.

I can be contacted here.


The views expressed here are those of the writer and do not those of Sacramento City Unified School District.