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California State of Emergency Day 1 Live Blog


California State of Emergency Day One

California: State of Emergency…


Starting tomorrow, and all next week, I will be working with the California Teachers Association at the Capitol building in Sacramento bringing letting legislators know about the horrific cuts to education that an “all cuts” budget will bring, and asking them to pass, as a legislative majority, a budget that includes extending (not raising) certain […]

A State of Emergency


A government decree that a particular situation requires the implementation of pre-arranged responses on a large scale; The status quo following such declaration We all know how bad the budget situation is in California. Dire does not begin to get at the cumulative effects of three years of cuts totaling over $20 billion! There […]

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EETT, that light at the end of the tunnel is looking less like a train…


As many of my readers know from earlier posts,  the road to getting EETT ARRA funds out in California has been anything but smooth. Some progress has been made in hearings yesterday at the State Capitol.  This shift on some of the key issues was not just a result of events yesterday, but due to […]

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EETT, turning the corner?


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of rushing from doing a small group administration of STAR testing to…my state Capitol, to testify on behalf of keeping EETT ARRA funding my state received for education technology in the classroom, and formula grants to districts. For the first time, it looks like the there is movement in a […]

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