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Pink Slip Season Starts…


…with this tweet from Dan Meyer announcing he’s been laid off, RIFed, pink slipped, axed, etc. Twitter / Dan Meyer: If you’re called into an e … …and this response from Will Richardson, which strikes me as funny/sweet given the riding Dan’s given him in the past: Twitter / Will Richardson: @ddmeyer Sorry to hear […]

Well, at least we get nice visuals out of it…


I’ve been sick on and off all last week, spending a lot of time at following the news. Equity markets are cruddy, and credit markets are even worse (hey, my state can’t even get credit). Everyone is looking for information, but most of it just can’t be easily understood if you’re a lay person. Fortunately […]

I HATE when my economy melts down

September29 “Mistakes were made” is an expression that is commonly used as a rhetorical device, whereby a speaker acknowledges that a situation was handled poorly or inappropriately but seeks to evade any direct admission or accusation of responsibility by using the passive voice. — Wikipedia Warning, this post will contain no material directly related to […]


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