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Being Right vs. Being Relevant….


As I’ve said before, the saying goes that California is like the rest of the country, only sooner. The GOP in the Golden State has only remained politically relevant because of the¬†bizarre¬†requirement for a two-thirds majority to pass state budgets. Now they may have even lost that perk. I’ll share a couple of observations from […]

Food for thought about the 2012 Election


Many educators are not happy with President Obama, most especially his education policy, and Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan. The conventional wisdom is they will be “triangulating” (moving to the center) for the 2012 re-election campaign. Daily Kos has a piece analyzing the numbers, and arguing that he would do better to shore up his […]



I will be running for the Board Secretary position in my union local, the Sacramento City Teachers Association. For readers interested in following this, you can keep up by going to the REALTeacher team website, Facebook group, or Twitter page.

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Week Six


Story of the week, Edublogs being down (well, more like up and down). Grade One: I’m proceeding with just having them watch language arts videos for reading development and go to Starfall providing more reading and phonemic development. This is the grade level that I need to do the most development in my own practices. […]


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