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I wrote it for Gary…


Seriously! When I was getting together my presentation for ILC on using Technology for Language Development, I was thinking about Gary Stager’s railings against BrainPop and Voice Thread. Why? He didn’t show up to my presentation, but I did see his, and I have to say he has a very different approach to teaching and […]

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Reflections on ILC Day Two


This day was much more fruitful for my learning. I only attended three sessions, and two of them were really helpful. First up was Josh Burker’s Scratch Presentation. Scratch had been recommended to me for improving engagement with elementary algebra instruction, so I was looking forward to learning more. I had downloaded and played with […]

Reflection on Day One Sessions


Dr. Linda A. Gregg on Bridge the Achievement Gap through Technology Dr. Gregg works for an educational consulting company that works with struggling learners who are below grade level for a variety of reasons. The approach is what I think was best in the presentation. She discussed how they do a pre and post-assessment. Once […]

Live Blog of Day 3 at ILC


Live Blog of Day Two at ILC 2008


Here is what I have planned, but it is subject to change due to cancellation, or a my whim: 8:45 PDT “Scratch” Your Students’ Programming Itch (Josh Burker) 10:30 PDT Wisdom of the Mob: How User-Contributed Material is Changing the Web (Arnie Abrams) 1:00 PDT New Strategies for Educational Assessment (Chris Dede) 4:00 PDT Web […]

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