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Next, let’s go after the parents!


In my previous posts, I’ve discussed how teachers are backed against the wall in the reform argument, and this makes our own efforts at self-improvement harder to start. Here’s another bad place we find ourselves at in this debate. The argument usually goes like this: Reform-y type: All kids can learn, not all teachers can […]

Teacher, Improve Thyself…


In my prior post (The “Green Line”) I discussed the entrenched position of a lot of the arguments about education and education reform these days.  Here is one of my favorite arguments: Teacher: Your ideas have no basis in research, or the reality where I teach; Reform-y Type: You’re just for the status quo! Really, […]

The “Green Line” of Ed Reform?


The arguments in education reform (and what I call “reforminess”) are now so entrenched, I feel like I’m at the point of abandoning responding in complete sentences and could just use a number to refer to a “set” list of rejoinders. Check out this exchange between The Frustrated Teacher, and Mimi Carter on Huffington Post. […]


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