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Follow up to Jonathan Alter post


In addition to my well-received post on the subject, I sent out a tweet a little late last night questioning the disconnect between rhetoric and policy. I’m going to suggest that teachers, like commenter Ashley, who are in schools under reform based on RttT and other current administration policies or policies they support, to […]

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For the children…


Thursday night’s school board meeting probably wasn’t what was anyone planned a month, week, or even a day before it happened. Even though the district seemed to know it would be a capacity crowd (a demonstration by the district-wide band, and renewal of charters–which always brings in supporters fearful of their school losing their location) […]

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not a sustainable education funding policy


This post was submitted as a response to Teachers’ Letters to Obama: It’s the depths of the Depression, and participants in a dance marathon are pitted against each other in a desperate race for prize money that is eventually revealed to be largely illusional. On realizing the hopelessness of both the contest, and her life, […]

Reform me!


For those of you who don’t know, the school I have been teaching at for the last three years is being reformed (posts on that here). I was asked to stay on as the computer lab teacher (the same position that I’ve had the last three years) by the new site administrator. So I am […]

The end is nigh…


It’s been a long, and pretty crazy school year. I know it’s not in my usual style, but I’d rather not reflect on what went right or wrong. I’ve had a lot of time to second guess myself to the level of it being crazy-making over the last three months (earlier if truth be told). […]

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