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Tom Turner had a post on fliptrack which is a nifty program, so I tried it out:

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Here is a comparison of some of the programs I’ve used lately:
Has a download to PC but both programs are not very user friendly. No undo buttons or cut-n-paste that I could discern.
Photos from PC, Flickr, Photobucket, etc. but only local with PC d/l?
Music (inc. pop tunes, etc.)
It works, but as with all of these, the embed of flash to edublogs is kluegy
PowerPoint, or Open Office files only please!
No audio, even if it is embedded in your slideshow
Pretty easy, but adding audio fizzed out on one slide, and refused to work, also you can only add sound you record from their site, no uploads
Any photos, jpg
You can add audio and thought bubbles to photos

This just added: for video editing. Full editing, you can even use still photos. Upload audio, link to facebook, flickr. All on-line, with an easy to use and pretty intuitive interface. It all made sense, and the embed results worked out better than above.
Check it out here.

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