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In Ms. Whatsit: Bookmarks Meme I was tagged to share the last six entries on my bookmarking list. I used my account:

NPR: All Songs Considered
I posted this because in the intro you can hear the host Bob Boilen say that one of the guests is being patched in by Skype. They seemed to have fewer sound issues in their Skype conference than I normally experience. Lucky!

Las Vegas SUN: Teachers who get police training could get extra pay, carry guns
Do I need to say why this is sad-funny-outrageous all at once?

el/ed/tech: Social Bookmarking in Plain English
Link to a post Common Craft video of social bookmarking. Trying to introduce dh to the joys of

Music Activities and Arts Integration Lessons by Phil Tulga

He did a presentation last year at my school. Excellent fraction activities for the kids

8 things that I like about edublogs at
This is Mr. Belshaw’s follow up to what he hates. It has many fewer comments. What does this say about us that we comment on what’s wrong more than what is right? Do we do that in our classes?

on the luck of seven | an open-source journey around the world documenting free culture, social innovators & global change

Hmm, who to send it to?

Mr. Circe: Cause he was nice enough to send a thank you!

LarryFerralazzo: BUT I want to see bookmarks that you haven’t post on your ELD/EFL blog. What are you reading for your own pleasure? Even if it’s only two or three links.

Matt Horne: Welcome back to school!

Lisa Parisi: Because she was nice enough to be on Alice’s Restaurant.

Michaele Sommerville: She was nice enough to mention me on her My Space page.

Rick Scheibner: Hey buddy, back to school, let’s see some more posts! I liked that one with the kids playing soccer in the snow.

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