AFI Screen Education Center: Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum


AFI Screen Education Center: Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum (Guttler, Frank with Mitch Aiken) – The CUE Community

Description: AFI Screen Education–empowering educators with the tools of digital filmmaking to engage students in mastering core curriculum and key 21st Century skills.

Students make sense of things by turning them into stories, and narrative.

They were doing trainings of adults for the film business, and began to wonder if they could take how they taught film makers, and use it to help teachers teaching children the core curriculum.

They took the way they taught film making to how to teach the story writing process.

Shot vs. Scene: Shot is between cuts, and scene is a sequence of story in one location.

Sentence = Shot

Paragraph = Scene

Chapter = Sequence

Novel = Movie

We went through a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and had to pick out each individual shot (the Mayan temple scene), which has frequent shot/cuts.

How to go from script to film -> storyboard

This maps out the camera motion, the actor’s movement

Did reverse storyboarding: Take 30 seconds of film and sketch what you see. Did it with Monsters, Inc. news report.

They are doing “Lights, Camera, Education!” with Discovery Education/Streaming. All the materials are there. They are for teachers to use WITH students to instruct them on film making.

AFI will have a video sharing service for student created video 13-18 year olds, with more short videos on techniques.

You can use it if you have video contest for submissions.

There will be an institute in Hollywood this summer run through LACOE, BUT all California educators can apply. The Website would not come up, so I’m going to try to talk to the folks at LACOE about it.

AFI Screen Education

  • The blog of AFI Screen education project

AFI Screen Education Center

  • AFI Sceen education site.

California K-12 High Speed Network

  • edzone will be opening up here and will allow for posting of videos by teachers from younger students

AFI Screen Nation

  • AFI will have a video sharing site to upload student video.
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