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Well, given our flight time, and drive into Palm Springs from Ontario Airport, we arrived as things had already started. Steve Hargadon, the show host, announced I was going to be doing a 5 minute demo within 5 minutes of me walking through the door, lol…

I did a five minute demo/discussion on Diigo, but since I didn’t have a computer ready to go running through the door, so it was mostly talk, but folks asked some good questions and were engaged.

edubloggercon » Palm Springs 2008 Agenda

This is the agenda page for Edubloggerconwest 08 which I “highlighted” in Diigo as part of my demonstration.

edubloggercon » SocialBookmarking is my stuff for a presentation on Diigo. Since I had to move to the second venue, down the hall, only a few participants followed, in addition, I had been testing a new USB Webcam with mic the night before, and it had taken over my audio system in one of those nasty ways that did not let me play audio from a YouTube video on Diigo. I show examples of what I did with it, and those who saw it, got a great feeling for the possibilities. I also showed off some capabilities to others more informally.

I participated in and took notes on the next session:

edubloggercon » ProjectBasedLearning

which included Sylvia Martinez (Generation Yes) and Jane Krauss (recently published “Reinventing Project Based Learning”) There is a blog post here from Gail:

» Technology and Project-based Learning BlogWalker

Over lunch, I discovered two other folks there who were experts in areas related to my next presentation on Language Development

Bruce Gale is a clinical psychologist who works on social skills with ADHD/ADD/ASD/ODD children, and is using animation is fascinating ways with his L.U.N.C.H. School Year Program.

A coworker of my friend Jose Rodriguez, John Rivera works in LAUSD on doing trainings on Universal Design in teaching. He shared how he is trying to transform teaching so that differentiation is not added after a lesson is planned, but is built in as a lesson is being developed. He shared these resources:

CAST: Center for Applied Special Technology

Tools & Activities: Teaching Every Student

And, Gail has some of the UStream sessions on her blog, thanks Gail!

» Streaming from Edubloggercon BlogWalker

On a more frivolous note, I share I’ll have an aria with that Angel Hair pasta…
about our dinner at Cafe Italia.

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