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I’ve blogged about Michelle Rhee’s boyfriend, and now Sacramento mayor, Kevin Johnson, and his legal trouble with the feds…it looks like there may still be repercussions from the GAO investigation: Mayor’s status may imperil Sacramento’s federal stimulus funds, lawyer says – Sacramento News – Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee, which will leave the city hanging out to dry from stimulus money which, needless to say, we badly need. Commenters at the Bee are calling for him to step down. I say, let’s wait and see. If the feds pull money, he needs to go, and quickly. Thank GOD he gave up the idea of being a “strong mayor” or we’d probably be toast.  What’s really weird about the comments at the Bee is not these, but the ones for all the prior Johnson stories (which numbered in the 50-100 range) are gone and have been since January (ex: Way to go McClatchy!

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