What’s Happening in the Lab, Week 6


Lots of stuff happening, and a lot has been coming together is some really nice ways. No major complaints this week.

First up, second graders continued work on their story telling unit (Sharing Stories in Open Court Reading). I started a VoiceThread where I asked students to share lessons learned from the fairytale we watched (Red Ridinghood), and fables (from Aesop).

Lessons learned, I got a better response to Aesop’s Fables where the lesson is more obvious. I might start with Aesop next time, and then do Red Ridinghood.

Third Grade already had a VoiceThread going, so it was more of the same. Most of our work was on the slide with the old lady figures, (slide eight), where we talked about memory and friendship after watching a video about you boy and his older friend next door who is losing her memory.

Fourth Grade did not do heavy work, as I am trying to introduce them to replying to other student’s comments. The lesson this week had them writing about goals they have for the year, and then on their second day at the lab, sending a reply to others to encourage them in their goals. Some of them were still writing about risks and not goals, I should have caught some of that.

Fifth Grade was the star of the week as they created motivational posters using Big Huge Labs Motivator tool. The results were great.

What went well in setting this up was I had the other students do independent work (edugames), while I brought students back in groups of three to do their posters with me. I showed them how to do it at first, then starting having some of the kids stay and help their peers do it.

Sixth Graders read goals they had come up with the week before on a VoiceThread.

When I shared the project on twitter, I had others who had done a similar project with students express and interest in sharing and having our students comment on each others work. So I set that up.

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