Fourteenth Edition of the ESL/EFL/ELL Carnival


Welcome to the Fourteenth Edition of the bi-monthly ESL/EFL/ELL Carnival! Sorry it’s a few days late folks! Blame it on tryptophan narcolepsy from the turkey!

First up, Dave C opines that Dan Brown is rather like Pringles posted at The Cambridge Professor’s Blog. You may ask what this pithy little opinion piece has to do with English language instruction. The post is a short but full of tasty meaning layering the simile with lots of comparison points, all great skills for teaching college level English, BUT it gives me food for thought in how I approach teaching higher-order skills with my younger kids.There is nothing “cheesy” about this post!

Shelly Terrell shows how she keeps up on the news and engages her students with Current Events Lesson for English Language Learners posted at Teacher Reboot Camp. I loved her descriptions of the interesting discussions students had around why they picked topics, and how interested the students became in using some of the tools to practice at home.

Christina Markoulaki shares My Teaching ‘Journey’ in Greece (by Christina Markoulaki) posted at Teaching Village. This was a great article about her experiences teaching English in Greece. She starts her story with primary students which was a real eye-opener to me as a teacher of ELLs in the states.

I always look forward to reading Karenne Sylvester, and Kalinago English: What is BELTfree? posted at Kalinago English was a little different than her usual submission. She is promoting Bloggers in ELT, a new group of English lagnauge teachers that is going to be small, and private, but she’s looking for members, so check it out. I hope that she’ll share how that project goes.

Tara Benwell gives a peek in her mind and classroom with Writing Challenge #12: My Dream English School – My English Club posted at Monthly Writing Challenges. Where she “challenges” students to describe their dream English school, and shares some ideas of her own.

Larry Ferlazzo pulls back the curtain in The Best Ways ESL/EFL/ELL Teachers Can Develop Personal Learning Networks | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… posted at Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… Full of easy to implement suggestions about building a network to support your teaching practice.

Many of us know what a great go-to resource twitter can be for teachers, but Neal Chambers shows how to use it as support for students at: Mr.Maru and Sparky Debut on Twitter posted at EnglishSpark. Very inspired use of technology!

teacherdominic calls his blog Dominic Cole’s Really Boring English Blog but it’s anything but, as he slays my old bête noire from H.S. French, the dicatation exercise in Dictagloss and spelling, then offers up a more useful alternative. Way to go Dominic!

The thirteenth edition of the ESL/EFL/ELL Carnival was hosted by Jennifer Duarte and Michelle Klepper at ELL Classroom.

Future hosts will include Shelly Terrell at Teacher Reboot Camp: Challenging Ourselves to Engage Our Students on February 1st and Karenne Sylvester at Kalinago English: Teaching Speaking Using Technology on April 1st. You can contribute a post by using this easy submission form.

You can see all the previous twelve  editions of the ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival here.

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“Fourteenth Edition of the ESL/EFL/ELL Carnival”

  1. December 2nd, 2009 at 3:10 pm      Reply Shelly Terrell Says:

    Thank you for continuing the host the blog carnivals! I look forward to them because it reminds me to go back and look at posts I might have missed from some of my favorite bloggers.

  2. December 2nd, 2009 at 4:27 pm      Reply Christina Markoulaki Says:

    Thank you for including my post in this great selection of links!

  3. December 12th, 2009 at 10:47 am      Reply Mohammed Rhalmi Says:

    Thanks for this blog carnival!


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