Closing out units


This week was when I wrapped up units for a number of grades.

Second Grade – Camouflage

On the whole kids got the idea behind camouflage, it helps animals hide and survive, I think I met most of the goals I had for this unit.

Third Grade – Imagination

This unit was a fail, and should have been pretty easy to carry out given how engaging the subject was. I did not meet my goals. I talked about imagination, and how it related to creativity, but never got the kids to reflect on their own creativity and imagination. This really seemed like the unit that was lost in the miasma of my epic cold.

Fourth Grade – Medicine

This one was more in between. I asked students some questions in a Google form. The results showed most got the point that rain forests provide plants that are important for medicine. They weren’t as strong about innovations that had changed medicine, but it wasn’t a total fail either. I think it would have been stronger, once again, if I hadn’t been so sick. I didn’t meet the allĀ  goals (students will know) for this unit, but I think I covered the basics okay (understandings).

Sixth Grade – Taking a Stand/Civil Rights

This went about as well as the previous grade level (fourth). I also asked students some reflection questions in a Google form. I wanted them to get the qualities that made the civil rights successful by talking about some of the qualities of self-control and perseverance that we studied early. I also wanted them to understand it was the work of many people, not just the leaders. Because of poor wording on the questionnaire, I don’t think it was clear in one of my questions that I was asking if the movement was only the work of a few leaders. In general, I think most of them got the goals I wanted. Once again, illness didn’t have me bringing my “A” game to this endeavor.

I am still finishing up work with fifth graders, which I’ll post when it’s done.

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