CUE 2010 Recap: My presentations


Using Technology Effectively for RTI

Below is video from the presentation:

Takeaways: I know I did not cover everything as well as I could have, after I saw what Adina Sullivan, and Mathew Needleman did on interventions, but I think I covered the adult/paperwork part of RTI pretty well. You can judge for yourself. One thing that I’ve done for past presentations is to look up presentations after mine (since this one was at the second session, it would have been easy) that were related, or covered something I showed in more detail. I could kick myself for not doing that this time.

Unplugged Session on UbD

The Elluminate recording of the session can be viewed here.
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Takeaways: This was a DELIGHT to do. It was small intimate gathering (the Edublogger Cafe), but since it was at a “crossroads” in the hallway, some people dropped in. What was very nice was having input from Tammy Stephens who did the prior session on constructivist learning. The two sessions dove-tailed well together, and Tammy adding some wonderful comments about the work I was doing.

DEN 7×7 Presentation

I don’t have any materials or video from this, it was largely based on this post, only I limited to seven and only got up to four, lol.

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