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Hi, I’m Alice Mercer. Welcome to my blog, Reflections on Teaching. I teach in a computer lab at a Title 1, persistently failing, priority school that is undergoing a transformation model. You can find out more about me at, https://mizmercer.edublogs.org/about/, and you can see a portfolio of my work at http://amercerportfolio.edublogs.org. If you’re going to comment, you might want to look at my policy here.

I like to blog about different things. If you look at my Week in Lab posts, you’ll see about how I’m teaching¬† with technology. If you look at my politics and policy posts, you’ll see my insights on education policy (and very occasionally other issues) there. I hope you find something worthwhile and subscribe via RSS (comments),¬† or email (just to the right in the sidebar column). I hope we have a fruitful and lasting online relationship!

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