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On 2010/11/23 at 10:06am Teacher submitted the following comment on My Observation of Mr. Ferlazzo’s Theory of Knowledge Class Fall 2010:

It is a horrible program, IB, and Ferlazzo is a left wing nut.

This is merely a way to get kids used to the idea that Hitler’s policies (similar to Obamas) are good and conservatism is bad or what your parents values are are bad.

This course is part of the UN brainwashing of our kids using the IB program and I refused to teach world government when it was asked of me because it’s treason.

You have violated the comment policy on this blog. My comment policy can be viewed here, and states:

Constructive input

I am a writer of strong opinions, and sometimes I attract the like in comments. I prefer a fruitful dialogue, and not comments that are designed to attack or just muddy the issue being discussed. If you fall into that category, your commentary will cease to appear.

Your comment is not constructive for the following reasons:

  1. It relies on personal attacks on Mr. Ferlazzo by referring to him as “… a left wing nut”. That comment is a personal attack, and is especially not appreciated as his students are commenting here and that statement is disrespectful.
  2. Your reference to Hitler’s policies being similar to Obama’s is hyperbolic, and violates common understandings on the Internet (and especially on edublogs) that comparing folks to Hitler in the manner that you have is inflammatory and not constructive (
  3. The whole of your comment is intended not to dialogue, but is like yelling in a meeting when you disagree with the speaker.
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