School Board to Kids — Sorry that’s not our job! Go back to class and quit bugging us!


As you saw in this post, Thursday’s SCUSD Board meeting was a highly attended and highly emotional event, with dozens of students pleading with the board to remove the current administrative team at Hiram Johnson High School. Word has begun leaking out from the district administration and school board members that in spite of these pleas, the administrative team will stay in place. Six more teachers were administratively transferred out from the school on Friday after the board meeting.

This begs the question, what does it take to change a situation that is truly toxic to students and the adults that are supposed to be helping them? A question one student ask plaintively Thursday night. The administration, and the board, clearly think this problem will disappear. After all, the school largely serves a poor population. In addition, with district elections, this is not an issue for those who are geographically (and dare I say demographically) removed from the population served by Hiram.

I strongly suggest that folks contact the school board and let them know that they cannot allow events to proceed in this fashion. For teachers, this is a direct attack on our union rights (teachers were transferred for attending an off-site meeting, and for airing complaints at the school board meeting). For the community, it starts here but will continue as the Superintendent has clearly said he wants the Priority Schools to be a model for other schools in the district. We need be asking the board, are the only opinions that count those from Eli Broad?

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