David Coleman, David Coleman, who art thou?


Common Core confusion continues this week as one of my posts on the subject, got picked up by education reporter Dana Goldstein on her blog. Her post focused on criticism that Common Core is dumping fiction reading, and narrative writing from the curriculum. Since I’m in a state with standards that already emphasize reading of expository/informational text starting in grade 4, that’s not so much of a leap, but she did pick up my critique on 2nd grade writing being developmentally inappropriate.

Also in that post was news that David Coleman, the architect of Common Core ELA,  is going to become president of the College Board, which administers Advanced Placement and SAT testing. This career change will not be a surprise to some and no doubt he will bring the charm and wit he is known for to those endeavors.

But wait, there’s more. Ken Libby, the man no 501(c) 3 with anything to hide should let near their 990 forms, finds that in addition to work on Common Core, Mr. Coleman is/was a board member at Michele Rhee’s Students First organization (What’s with StudentsFirst’s Board?). I can’t think why he’d leave something important like that off his curriculum vitae. Wonder if the College Board knew about that?

There followed a defense from Randi Weingarten saying that was old and he is NOT a current board member (would that matter, really?) and Diane Ravitch saying, no, he is a current board member. You’ll come to your own conclusions with or without pre-reading activities I’m sure.

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