Week 34: The Ides of Open House



I can’t believe how little of the school year is left. That’s probably a good thing ;-).

Right now, life is all about preparing for the Science Fair/Open House which will be midway through next week.

Project vs. Project-based – what I’ve learned…

In the past, I’ve done projects (with assigned topics) but my co-workers wanted to a do a science fair, where the kids picked their own topics. We had them formulate questions about a topic, and then form a hypothesis. One of the things I like about this group of kids is that they are great at moving beyond re-call type reports into inquiry-based projects. This was a small one, but they did a good job with it (I’ll post some examples later), and easily transitioned from “Hey, I want to mix Mentos and Diet Coke!”, to “Hmm, what could make it shoot up higher? What variables could I change that might effect the reaction?”

I’ve contributed to two pieces by Larry Ferlazzo recently, and they share some of what I’m doing to get through the last few weeks. First upĀ Ideas for the Last Two Weeks of School: Part II, then I commented on this piece titled, Keep calm & carry on. There’s other great stuff in there so it’s worth a read.

Photo Credit: 34 by Eva the Weaver, on Flickr

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