Week in Class: Week Four and Five 2013



Yes, yes, yes, I’ve been an awful correspondent. First, I was working on the recent visit that Diane Ravitch made to Sacramento, when I got “the cold”. You know that one that either creeps slowly (or at lightening speed) through a classroom. That was me. I took a day off to be sick, and a day off for the Ravitch event, then slunk to my bed for the weekend. I made it back to work last week (week five), but I wasn’t feeling “lively”.

Enough of me, I’m still not feeling sparky, so I’ll just put up a couple links about what I’m doing:

Photos of what my students are doing in Math Workshop are here: http://sacschoolblogs.org/msmercer1314/photos/photos-week-4/ with photos from earlier weeks in the left sidebar.

Podcasts are here: http://sacschoolblogs.org/msmercer1314/weekly-podcasts/

I’ve written about what I’ve been doing on writing here:

Less critical of CCSS, and more critical of the limits of next-gen testing

Image Credit: 4.5 by Leo Reynolds, on Flickr

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