California Educator has an article on bloggers…


…and I made the cut, but there are plenty of other great folks in there, including Martha Infante.

For regular readers who aren’t sure what California Educator is, it is the publication of the California Teachers Association. Although I am quite active in my local, and CTA (as a State Council member), the magazine features articles of general interest to educators and those of us in the article having varying levels of participation in our unions.

For California Educator readers landing here…welcome! My topics are varied, and recent pieces have covered topics from gun safety, to patriarchy and racism on the Internet, to education theory (and policy), and what’s going on in my classroom.

If you prefer to eschew politics and just want to hear what’s going on my classroom, those are found here. For those who like their “caffeine” straight up, you can find it in the policy and politics category.

However you got here, I’m grateful to have you visit!

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