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Hey folks! It’s all about the carnivals this week… Creating Lifelong Learners » Blog Archive » Digital Storytelling Blog Carnival #1 To late for this round, but a post on podcasting that I did for the next carnival listed, was picked up by Matt. Join the next round in February! Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites Of The […]

Where I’ve gone…


Kobus van Wyk – Blog Talks about problems with getting schools to clean and care for their computer labs. I point out that this is a common problem, which is to say, the problem of the commons. With “shared” resources, no one feels responsible to do maintenance, because “someone else” will do it. It’s worked […]

Lies, damn lies, and statistics…


Well, I saw a comment on Doug Noon’s sidebar, and had to pipe in. Itwas a piece on fluency instruction/assessment. A few fluency fans have piped in talking about how appropriate it is as an assessment, etc. The basic problem is they have make the rookie mistake of associating correlation (on average, students with higher […]


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