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Week Four in Review


The week was choke full of stuff and had a good start, but ended with me getting a nasty upper respiratory infection which I’m still nursing.

Fifth Grade

Work continued on election ads. I had a whole long list of ads to get through, but got to just the first three on this list (which were from the LBJ vs. Goldwater race):

Sixth Grade

I had the students do something I hadn’t tried before, they picked out photos on perseverance, and favorited them. This is in preparation for making their own motivational posters using Motivator site.

Fourth Grade

I am FAILING at showing the first episode of “When We Left Earth”. The students are restive, and socializing. It is either not exciting enough, or just too long (I showed >20 minutes, but they are tuning out within the first 5). I may need to just cull the highlights? Suggestions welcome.

Teacher Training

I did my first training which was a 2 hour overview of Web 2.0. The turnout was small (about 6-7). My pacing was off, and I had to cutoff some parts (I always leave 40 minutes at the end for them to “play” with the tools). Here is my follow-up post:

Catching up on last week…


Wednesday January 30, 2008 in a Sentence

Today was an inverse sh*t sandwich: my desktop o/s was fried last night when the server crashed, so I had to be reimaged; the school day went great; I got my cell phone lost/stolen at the end of the day.

Tuesday January 29, 2008 in a Sentence

The high today was 45 with rain; I feel like a human icicle.

The Nocturnal Shed

Monday January 28, 2007 in a Sentence

Okay, here is a lesson in how not to plan a lesson: Why was I having them do three seperate tasks in one day, with three brand new web apps? BREAK IT DOWN next time!

The funny, interesting, and just tragic…


Around the Corner v2 – MGuhlin.net – Mudflaps and Libraries

  • Public Libraries in Wyoming have a new campaign featuring the mudflap gal. Now there’s an advocacy campaign! This reminded me of back when I did work advocating for public libraries. Truckers are apparently big library users (they like audio books). For the record, I consider this funny and interesting.

Math and Science Education is Important, but Not for Me

  • Public Agenda has a new study on parents’ views of math and science education in Missouri and Kansas. Seems they think their kids science and math education is just fine. What’s your answer to this:
    1. Is knowledge of Algebra essential to get into college?
    2. Is knowledge of higher math (Calculus) essential to get into college?

Learning and Blogging

  • I quizzed Miguel during a chat at Teachers Teaching Teachers, about his indefatigable blogging. He is one of the most prolific people in my feed reader. He says it’s all on the way to learning. I think it’s his position. He spends a good part of the day online researching for his job, so he can run across things worth sharing. I’m keeping up a very ambitious blogging schedule doing 3 posts a week. Other teachers in the classroom are not even at that level. There’s a reason for this, we’re teaching not surfing during our workday (and this is not to knock Miguel, that is his job). We want teachers in practice to blog, but really, given the U.S. teaching schedule, where is the time? I think you’re more likely to end up in Dy/Dan’s situation where he is working so much perfecting his lessons, it’s getting in the way of his life. Looking at becoming an administrator leaves me scratching my head, because most of the good ones work even longer hours than teachers. The Internet changes some things about time and place, but it can’t make up time out of air.

News – Berkeley student gunned down outside Oak Park shop – sacbee.com

  • This is the barber shop across the street from where I work. The workers and owner volunteer in our school. An oft-neglected fact of living in a neighborhood that is a shooting gallery is that not all the folks that get killed when bullets fly are drug dealers who “deserved it”. This was probably a robbery, the young gentleman was closing the shop for the night. What price can you put on the promise of a life like this? That is something that is truly priceless and all the MasterCards in the world ain’t gonna make this right.

Here, There, Everywhere


Lisa’s Lingo: My “Little” Circle of Friends

Wow, I’m part of a social network. Nice words from Lisa.

dy/dan » Blog Archive » NYT-Quality Charting Using Dumb Ol’ Excel

Dan has a video showing a really cool way to create decent looking graphs on Excel.

Kobus van Wyk – Blog

Wow! Another awesome piece of analysis from Kobus van Wyk who goes to the metaphor of a multilayered onion to describe differences in access to technology breaking it down to access, usage, and quality of use.

Re-visiting the topic of changing policy on technology in your district:
Here is where I discuss solutions to Sherry for her technology woes last week, but I also wanted to update readers on the “Teacher Tube” blocking situation at my district, which I talked about here. Apparently others in a position to effect change at my district think this is silly. My site will soon have a T5 line, so bandwidth is considered a non-issue. Apparently CIPA blocking decisions in my district can best be analogized as using a IH combine harvester to prune your side garden, rather than the more measured approach that Doug Johnson talked about. Apparently, I’m not the only one who is not pleased about this where I work, and I have some allies to work with on these issues.

And I’d like to propose that we try to archive the discussion about changing tech policy by adding links and resources here.

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