It’s Too Darn Hot!


How hot is it? Too darn hot! Here is the five day forecast:


which comes with a severe weather alert.

Here in Sacramento, we judge our summers by how many days the temperature is in “the triple digits” (over 100). A bad summer is where you have more than 20 days of this. The season usually begins in July (hello) and goes into August. My, brief, survival guide follows:

Use a clothesline, not the dryer. When it’s really bad, you can only run the dryer after midnight (unless you enjoy using your kid’s college fund for your SMUD bill). I rigged this one in my garage for our swimming clothes. My neighbor is on the HOA, but has considered rigging one up below the fence line in her backyard. Aesthetics be damned, this is a necessity. You’d be a fool to use an appliance when Mother Nature will bake your wet stuff for free.

pool.jpgThe pool is your friend! But it’s so hot, it’s almost better not to go in the heat of the day. Don’t worry, it’s still hecka hot at 7 p.m.!

Sunscreen is also your friend. I have to use two layers (zinc oxide for physical block, and a spray on chemical block). My upper chest is still lobster red for most of the summer. UGH, I’m going to look like one of those scary old ladies in Florida/SoCal at this rate.

AC in a bottle. Sacramento is blessed with lots of recent development, so AC is ubiquitous, but if you are outdoors at all, these little puppies are great. Load it up with ice water to make it really cool.

Head covering, very essential. Mine even has ventilation.

These tips are suitable for anyone moving here from say, the Bay Area, England, Iceland, etc., or to other hot spots like Arizona, Texas.

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Woke up, had ham and eggs for breakfast, read my feeds, went for a walk……

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