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I am a full-time employee of Sacramento City Unified School District. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own, and may not reflect the opinions and policies of my employer. I always aim to be discreet in posting about events in my professional life, and when relating examples they must first provide some illumination for those reading this blog, or assist me by sharing a problem I am looking for an answer to. The descriptions should be generalized enough so not only will those outside are unable to recognize who I’m discussing, but the principal actors as well.

I also do extensive work using social media for my CTA (California Teachers Association) local, Sacramento City Teachers Association. I am an elected member of CTA’s State Council, which is the governing body of that organization. The opinions on this blog are my own, and may not reflect those of SCTA, CTA, or any other teachers union.

Commercial disclosure

I receive reduced and free online services from a number of providers that are available to me as a teacher, and all teachers, or public school teachers.  Below is a list of services that are specifically given to me as an individual:

  1. Edublogs Campus – I administer a campus site, http://sacschoolblogs.com/ for Larry Ferlazzo, and a number of blogs tied to my professional work are on that site.  We have been given the site as a gift because of the outstanding work that Larry does with the immigrant community he works with and with no expectation that we will promote Edublogs or Edublogs Campus. I do like Edublogs and think it’s a really great service. I continue to pay for a “supporter” subscription out of my own pocket because I do trainings and recommend Edublogs to others, and I want to make sure I’m aware of the cost and value of that extra service. I occasionally, through my own efforts, have won contests on Edublogs and received supporter subscriptions as a prize. I usually give them away at trainings I conduct.
  2. Almost anytime I am presenting at a conference, big or small, I will get the admission charge waived, but I usually have to pay for membership in the hosting organization.  I like conferences, so that’s why I write nice things about them, and the free admission is but a small part of the costs of attending them.

Other employment/compensation:

  1. I occasionally do in-house review work for proposals and final drafts of books for education publishers (Eye on Education, and Jossey Bass). This work is compensated at an industry standard rate.

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