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What’s your price?


Earlier this week I blogged about the Talent Transfer Initiative, Although this program is only for teachers who transfer to our school site, those of us here will be offered a “retention” bonus with amounts like $5,000 a year being thrown around. Yes, it’s not equal, which reminds me of one of my favorite jokes […]

Letter to School Board about Talent Transfer Initiative


I arrived at my school Monday to a site abuzz. Coworkers had heard from teachers at other school sites in the district sharing that on Friday, they had received an email that was going out to “a select group of teachers” in our district, offering them the chance to work in high needs schools. Recipients […]

RttT: Microblog version…


I recently responded to a request for a “Cliff’s Notes” version of RttT and offered the tweet below. Here it is, complete with citations: 1. create rube goldberg criteria, 2. designate schools to trash, 3. repeat next year. I’m living the dream!

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Light at the end of the tunnel, or oncoming train?


Well, my recession notice came in the mail yesterday. Much more exciting than the new phone book because for those of you who don’t know California Education labor rules, my pink slip is no more. Magic wand waved, and I still have a position guaranteed for next year. There is a part of the Education […]

SCUSD School Board Meeting March 18, 2010


Here are my notes with tweets sent at the time: The board meeting got started late… Getting ready for bd mtg on tfa replacement teachers being hired in my district and it’s a full house #pinkslip Late start to school bd mtg as they get ready to discuss bringing TFA to our district Finally bd […]

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