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Jay Mathews and the temptation to pick cherries…


I have not been very efficient this trip. I feel like I haven’t attend a lot of sessions at ASCD and the few I have attended haven’t offered me a lot of new insights. I think part of the problem is that I have done a lousy job of picking out sessions for the few […]

Reflections on Day Two at the ASCD Conference


Overall, it was  a hectic day, with three sessions that I attended and blogged,  and a couple hours of live streaming conversations with various folks including Larry Ferlazzo, Bill Ferriter, and David Cohen. The conversations were great, and I’ll just point folks to the videos on UStream and my live blog. My take-away, when even […]

ASCD 2011 Day One Reflections


Impressions from day one of ASCD? Today was more about orienting myself. Getting to know the folks running and volunteering for ASCD, getting to meet up with friends some of whom I have met in corporeal form before, and some I’ve only known online. It’s also about figuring out the space in a new convention […]

ASCD Conference Day Three Live Blog


ASCD Conference Day Three

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ASCD Conference Day Two Live Blog


ASCD Conference Day Two

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