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Who belongs Part 1


This is my family a couple of years ago, and here is a more recent photo:   Recently, in the car on the way to the camping trip pictured above, a discussion came up about the time my son was asked to open his backpack in our local grocery store. My son has a tendency […]

Hmm, hey wasn’t this obvious to everyone else?


I’m not going to even bother commenting on the Council for Great City Schools’ recent report on black males in urban schools when Renee Moore and Jose Vilson have done such a masterful job at this. Sorry, Jose, it’s ladies first, as Ms. Moore had her article up first: TeachMoore: News To Some; Blues To […]

Subtractive views of race, and why they just don’t work out…


After the Democratic Convention, there were a lot of conversations on Plurk about Obama. One of the saddest was a thread from Lisa Parisi, about her conversation at a local bowling alley with a Democrat who said they would never vote for Obama because he is black. She was shocked, but many of us who […]


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