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The price black students pay…


Right before school started, edublogger Jersey Jazzman, posted a video of a lesson being taught from Success Academy meant to be used for teacher training. The response from his readers was scathing, as it involved a couple of typical methods of teaching favored by no-excuses charters (but loathed by child-centered educators). The video is no […]

My Kid and Our Kids


Recent news has focused on the educational choices that those on both sides of the education reform debate have made with their own kids. My first discomfort with this is the disclosure of the actual schools these children are attending. Given the high profile of both these ladies, and the animus they generate, as a teacher I worry […]

Charters in my district provide more food for thought…


I’ve discovered a new local blog that is focused on my school district, SCUSD Observer, and it is fast becoming my go-to resources for the latest happenings (thank you Larry Ferlazzo for this find). It’s one of the few Blogger blogs not blocked by the district, hmmm. A recent piece on an application by a […]


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