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Reflections on Day Three at NECC 2009


This conference had a rough start, as I had problems with each of the sessions/events I attended. I’m happy to report that two of my favorite sessions occurred on the last day. Chris Lehmann on UBD NECC 2009 Attendees | Program | School 2.0: Progressive Pedagogy and 21st-Century Tools UbD21C – home Practical Theory Presenter: […]

Revisiting Assessment


I thought I’d come back to a topic I spent a lot of time on in the last month, assessment. First, the new secretary of education was chosen, Education Week: Obama: Duncan ‘Doesn’t Blink’ on Tough Decisions, but I hadn’t commented on it. I thought the “Doesn’t Blink” comment was a bit “tin-eared” after the […]


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