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Manners, please!


This week was full of many hard lessons. One of those has to do with this blog. The commentary on my post about getting pink slipped by my district while they were simultaneously attempting to bring in TFA interns, started to devolve to a level I would rather not see. While there were many contributors […]

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Weekend Update…


I am moderating a group on Classroom Management with Larry Ferlazzo at Edutopia in their new online group area.¬† Please join me there for discussions and advice from Larry. I’ve started things off with a post titled, “Does Shut Go Up?” In other news, I’ve added two new pages to this¬† blog. One, called Comment […]

Have you no shame?


I love getting and reading the Sacramento Bee, and love being able to read it online. The comments however are a real mix of the bitter and the sweet. I hate how the limited space in the print version constricts representations of different points of view. If that is the problem in the print paper, […]

Using threaded comments to build a writing community in your classroom


Since the recent changes in service at many of us have been looking at how this changes how we use these blogs with our students. Much of the discussion has focused on the more unpleasant aspects, the ads, the cost of getting rid of them (especially in these trying budgetary times), etc. the focus […]


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