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What does resist Common Core implementation mean?


Common Core has now become a line in the sand with some folks, and is causing more in-fighting among anti-corporate ed reform folks than is healthy for a movement that is under as much pressure, and fire as we are. Let’s see where most of us agree: Common Core was created by and for corporate […]

I’ll get something written up for you


I’ve been doing a lot with short constructed writing response. Part of this is due to trainings I’m going to on Common Core for my district. The standards emphasize a written response that sites cites the information from the text the question is based on. I’m not in love with the standards, but feel I can live […]

Idealism vs. the Probable and Possible


  Fellow Sacramento teacher (and friend), Larry Ferlazzo, asked me to help him out by contributing to an article at EdWeek on “implementing Common Core”. Little did I know the minefield I was stepping into. The article has morphed into a fight between the “agnostics” (Common Core skeptics like myself and Larry), and the atheists […]

California is like the rest of the country…only sooner


A few weeks ago, a post about an exemplar lesson from Common Core led to my writing a series of posts on the standards. This led to a whole series of posts about how the exemplars suck, with the only variation being on whether this was endemic to the standards, or that it was just […]

How to re-create the “Reading Wars” without even trying…


One of the problems with having “newbies” involved in creating these new standards, especially folks who like to take a “de-contextualized” approach to novel and new situations, is that they don’t know where the land-mines are buried. Most of the discussions around Common Core ELA standards and the exemplars that are starting to show up […]

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