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3 simple questions for Common Core mathematics standards…


In my last post, I said I would look at three questions about the new common core standards and how they play out for fifth grade in California: How do they compare with the current standards (with no assumption that the current standards are working–they aren’t); Are they too narrow, or too broad; Are they […]

Common Core — The Rorschach test of education policy


One of the things that is really annoying about discussion of Common Core, is that most of the folks saying they either hate them, or love them, are NOT teaching at the elementary level. It’s usually some secondary teacher (English or my old major, History) noting that doing things like “pre-reading” and questioning strategies were […]

Week 10: Why teach narrative writing?


So, I did last week’s post late, and it was more about the beginning of this week (which didn’t get much better by the way) than week 9. Rather than focus on the FUBAR that week felt like (it wasn’t that bad, just felt that way), a post by Dina Strasser seemed relevant to a […]

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