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Integrating the Internet into the Primary Classroom


Presenter: Gayle Berthiaume Preview: Engage students in reading and writing with online literacy activities. Learn how to integrate the Internet into the primary classroom. Taught by a Teacher Mentor and Apple Distinguished Educator. I arrived late, so I missed picking up her main links page, which is on She showed a number of […]

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Who Said Games Don’t Teach?


Presenter: Arlene Anderson, Desiree Spang Preview: The Spang Gang website is a compilation of grade level, standards based, curriculum area links to some of the best games on the Internet. No more time consuming searches! Has a long name, so look up her page by google search. The site is color coded by level (do […]

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Notes from Blogs and Wikis: Writing Across the Curriculum


Presented by: Brian Bridges Preview: Discover a variety of online, collaborative writing tools, and see how teachers are using them to engage their students, participate in online writing projects, and publish to an authentic audience. We’ll review and demonstrate a variety of free resources including Edublogger, pbwiki, and Google Docs. Handouts include content standard connections, […]

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Notes from Technology to Bring the Past Alive


Intro from by Mike Lebsock: Podcasting, videocasting, streaming video and more…have become technologies to bring history into the classroom. This session will connect participants to some fantastic sites, lessons and ideas to take advantage of these terrific tools. Not how-to, but what it looks like session. Presenter impressed me because he was dressed up like […]

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