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What’s the part of white privilege that wasn’t clear?


Jose Luis Vilson has been picking at the scab of race around issues in ed reform recently. This post about the “white suburban mom” gaffe US Secretary of Education Duncan  last week showed that some  folks were not in favor of contextualizing both the original comment, and the public response, in terms of race. I understand where […]

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Just say no to RttT!


The following is a post written by local Sacramento parent and education activist Kate Lenox and appeared on the Sacramento Coalition to Save Public Education blog: Restrictions on the Use of the Grant Mean the Money Can’t Help Restore Education Cuts The US Dept. of Education has released its rules for districts applying to receive […]

This time…it’s personal


Dear Melody Musgrove, I’ve read with alarm plans to have the OSEP  change their approach to compliance with IDEA to emphasize test score monitoring, and cutting back on state compliance officers. As the parent of a child with an IEP, I have many concerns about this approach, and feel it would not meet my child’s needs […]


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