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Classroom Update #5: Have you read a good book lately?


Howdy, long time, no write. I apologize, but life has been happening and that leads to less writing. Can you tell I’ve been teaching cause and effect lately? I’m doing Colonial American history with the class, and that will be the topic of this post.

Welcome Back! Week in the Classroom the First Month 2015


My family life is still…complicated, but I am still working and I feel the need to try to write about what I’m doing in the classroom. I hope that it will prove interesting and intriguing to you too. I have moved to fifth grade (from sixth). The change is slight in some ways, but big […]

Threat escalation and whitewashing as silencers


Being a little older (and wiser) I sometimes think back to those days after 9-11, and before we invaded Iraq, and the stories that were told about the threat that was posed by Saddam, the axis of evil, etc., etc. With hindsight it’s easy to say, “What the heck!?!” I’ve been having my own WTH […]

Notes from Technology to Bring the Past Alive


Intro from by Mike Lebsock: Podcasting, videocasting, streaming video and more…have become technologies to bring history into the classroom. This session will connect participants to some fantastic sites, lessons and ideas to take advantage of these terrific tools. Not how-to, but what it looks like session. Presenter impressed me because he was dressed up like […]

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