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Mirror, mirror


Ms. Mercer’s ELD Class is my newest blog for ELD, where I come back with a BAM! Check out the podcast (yeah) my first of the year. I have been sleepwalking with this class (the only one I have every day), but I’m phoning it in NO MORE! I had been counting on a lousy […]

“Design Matters” Main Points


What we do should have utility (function, form, and purpose) and significance (something that makes it stand out). These were the over arching principals of his presentation. There were five sections, or strands to the presentation. He touched on the two principles in each of these sections. Planning: You may not know about technology, but […]

“Design Matters” by Dean Shareski


I will be doing analysis and reflection on Dean Shareski’s marvelous piece for K12Online, “Design Matters”. To begin, I created a Pageflake based on his presentation, plus some other videos that have some connections in my mind, to Dean’s work. I will be doing a series of posts here in the next view days (and […]

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