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Classroom Update #3 for 2015: Math, math, math


I could share an earful about the return of benchmark testing (which was on hiatus with the switch-over to the SBAC) and how it’s making a mockery of recent calls by the President to limit testing, but I’d rather talk about my classroom and what’s going on. I’m going to focus on mathematics, and a […]

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Week/Month/Season in Lab


As my readers have no doubt noticed, I have not been putting up Week in Lab posts. Although I’m not hitting the cutting edge so much this month, I am still working in the lab with the kiddos. My outside time for writing has been taken up with my campaign for union office, and the […]

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Week in Lab: Focus on Unit Pricing


Due to minimum days, most of last week was an extension of last week, so rather than write about that, I’m going to focus on what I’ve done over the last few weeks in one grade level. The actual text and pictures for each lesson is at the bottom of the post. You can click […]

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Reflection on Day One of NECC 2009


My Live Blog (does not include Equity Summit) Digital Equity Summit NECC 2009 Attendees | Program | Digital Equity Summit My Tweets from Digital Equity Summit Given the fact that I teacher in a Title school, and make that an issue, I should be participating in this event but Equity Conference and I have not […]


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