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Two links and some questions…


First, for those of you, who like me are following ISTE from afar, you can follow the Twitter feed in this neat “newspaper” format. Next, I’ve spent the last weekend nursing a summer cold (bleech) and working on updating my portfolio. The results are here. Last, if you are so inclined, answer a couple of […]

Curriculum and Instruction 489


Thanks for letting me chat with your class tonight. Lots of great questions. I’m sorry I was under the weather and unable to stay long. If you have further questions, please send me a comment below. Also, it would be a great help is you share with me resources or approaches that have or have […]

New post up at ISTE Connects


I did a guest blog piece on ISTE about what I found to be a more fruitful way to expand my network than sitting in the Bloggers Cafe (a lovely place, btw) and wait for a “talent scout” or “famous” edublogger to notice me typing furiously… Expanding your network


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