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Response to a Comment


On 2010/11/23 at 10:06am Teacher submitted the following comment on My Observation of Mr. Ferlazzo’s Theory of Knowledge Class Fall 2010: It is a horrible program, IB, and Ferlazzo is a left wing nut. This is merely a way to get kids used to the idea that Hitler’s policies (similar to Obamas) are good and […]

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Ms. Mercer, I love your week in lab posts, but…


I like to think this blog is pretty ecclectic (although this may be self-delusion on my part). I’ve gotten positive responses to a variety of different posts over the last few weeks from ones where I blogged about brain science and the education of children in poverty (wow, that sounds way too passive — how […]

Weekend Update…


I am moderating a group on Classroom Management with Larry Ferlazzo at Edutopia in their new online group area.  Please join me there for discussions and advice from Larry. I’ve started things off with a post titled, “Does Shut Go Up?” In other news, I’ve added two new pages to this  blog. One, called Comment […]

Dear Arianna Huffington, please get stuffed


I find it amazing how otherwise progressive and liberal thinkers can start sounding like the most brain-dead supply-sider when it comes to education reform. I know it comes from a kinder, gentler place; wanting to help poor and minority students do better in school, and have a better life. Here’s a novel idea, increase TANF, […]

Reflecting on a non-Ed Tech Conference


I have talked about the power of networking and sharing remote events synchronously around my house a lot. So much so that, while I was back in D.C. my husband “booked” me to set up live blogging for an event his workplace was helping to sponsor. This meant I had the unique experience of going […]


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