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Adding to my permanent record…


Recent feature on my former school site, featuring yours truly…  

Follow up to Jonathan Alter post


In addition to my well-received post on the subject, I sent out a tweet a little late last night questioning the disconnect between rhetoric and policy. I’m going to suggest that teachers, like commenter Ashley, who are in schools under reform based on RttT and other current administration policies or policies they support, to […]

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The end is nigh…


It’s been a long, and pretty crazy school year. I know it’s not in my usual style, but I’d rather not reflect on what went right or wrong. I’ve had a lot of time to second guess myself to the level of it being crazy-making over the last three months (earlier if truth be told). […]

What’s your price?


Earlier this week I blogged about the Talent Transfer Initiative, Although this program is only for teachers who transfer to our school site, those of us here will be offered a “retention” bonus with amounts like $5,000 a year being thrown around. Yes, it’s not equal, which reminds me of one of my favorite jokes […]


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