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Common Core: Cranking out sausage


The creation of Common Core standards were not just “new” in the sense of having new standards as a final product, but new in how they were written, edited, etc. You can see from the critique from folks who have participated in the writing of past education standards like Sandra Stokoksy, and Diane Ravitch. First, […]

Why other State Governors wanted Common Core (and why Texas probably doesn’t)


In WARNING: THE COMMON CORE STANDARDS MAY BE HARMFUL TO CHILDREN | Education News, a principal from Texas takes a look at the Common Core standards and concludes that they are developmentally inappropriate for K-5. She has some really great examples in primary, but I wanted to share this one for fifth grade: In most of […]

Talking about CCSS on KQED Forum


This morning, I spoke about Common Core Standards from a teacher’s perspective. The show can be found here (audio should be up in 24 hours). Folks coming here from the show, which mentioned my blog, here are some shortcuts (since I post on a variety of topics): Posts on Common Core (CCSS) Posts about what […]

You get what you ask for…


So after my last post, someone on Twitter sent this response: @Larryferlazzo @alicemercer By PARCC Blueprints this % unacceptable. Reporting inaccurate or field tested items not reflecting final product — Dea Conrad-Curry (@doctordea) July 16, 2013   Basically, the teacher who are reporting on the New York State test may have seen so many questions […]

Things I don’t get about Common Core ELA


PTA has posted guides for parents to Common Core. The guides are nicely done, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around something I see in the Sixth Grade standards. This is the first item listed on the guide: Analyzing how chapters of a book, scenes of a play, or stanzas of a poem […]

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