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What’s up Wisconsin?


Behind some silver-linings, there is some rain, lol. The nice weather has brought about an early bout with spring allergies this season, and I’ve been fighting off getting a secondary infection as part of my holiday “revels”. With all the education and labor issues this week brought to us by the state of Wisconsin (go […]

What’s it worth to you?


After the Big Branch Mine disaster earlier this month,  I was reflecting on something I remember a college professor telling me about unions in coal mining. Her take was that European Miners Unions for a variety of reasons, were able to concentrate their efforts on improving working conditions, and the overall safety in the mines, […]

Because sometimes the truth hurts, and is still funny


I don’t even KNOW who Meagan Fox and Brian Austin Green are, but I think I’m a fan for life now: Hot for Teachers w/ Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green from Megan Fox

Finland, Singapore, and the U.S. are on an airplane that’s about to crash…


The title comes from a trope of jokes about the hilarity that results from dissimilar groupings of people (usually a rabbi, a priest, and a minister). Sometimes the joke is how alike they all are and sometimes, the dis-congruity of groupings makes that joke. That’s how I like to think about comparisons between the U.S. […]

Can You Measure That?


One of the reasons that some folks would like teachers to be judged by tests is because they feel other methods (teacher observation, etc.) are too subjective. This recently got a re-run in a “best of” post from Killian Betlach, and it brings up some issues I’ve had with “accountability” in teaching. “You get up […]


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