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Photos and Video from NECC


Pictures from NECC 2009: Photos others took that I favorited: EdubloggerCon photos: My tour of museums on the National Mall:

Reflection on Day One of NECC 2009


My Live Blog (does not include Equity Summit) Digital Equity Summit NECC 2009 Attendees | Program | Digital Equity Summit My Tweets from Digital Equity Summit Given the fact that I teacher in a Title school, and make that an issue, I should be participating in this event but Equity Conference and I have not […]

Film on the Fly Entry for Pi Day


Here was my entry to Film on the Fly Pi Day: Others can be found at:

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Lab Reflections for Weeks 19 and 20


Hmm, I really haven’t been reflecting enough lately. I apologize. I’ve been setting up stuff, laying groundwork, but really, that’s not a good excuse. I really should be thinking about what I’m doing more. Still, it has been an exciting few weeks with the Inauguration, and the start of Dy/Dan’s Annual Report contest. First, some […]

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AFI Screen Education Center: Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum


AFI Screen Education Center: Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum (Guttler, Frank with Mitch Aiken) – The CUE Community Description: AFI Screen Education–empowering educators with the tools of digital filmmaking to engage students in mastering core curriculum and key 21st Century skills. Students make sense of things by turning them into stories, and narrative. They […]

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